Great Neck Office

Our Great Neck office has been carefully created to reflect our vision of an environment for optimal medical care. Well aware that patients come to us seeking relief and reassurance, we have designed our setting to be calming and conducive to relaxation. Our walls and ceilings are painted in soft whites to create a clean, mind-clearing background.

With the assistance of a qualified art consultant, we have placed lovely paintings and sculptures throughout the space to add pleasing colors and contours. In addition, our off-white stone floors provide a pleasing contrast with our dark chocolate mahogany doors and exam tables. Our logo, with its rhythmic steel and metallic blue brushstrokes, is thematically repeated throughout the office.

Our front desk is divided by a glass wall and this frosted glass theme continues into the reception area, supplying light, transparency, and a suggestion of privacy all at once. All televisions in the office, including the flat screen in the reception area, are embedded within the walls so that they appear as framed aspects of the d├ęcor, rather than intrusive monitors. We have tailored our musical backgrounds to set varying appropriate moods — pleasant welcoming tunes in the reception area, calming natural sounds in the acupuncture treatment rooms. In our effort to relax all of the senses, we also have the scent of moxa, an ancient, herbal heat therapy, emanating from our acupuncture rooms.

Even our bathroom complements our general theme with its stone tiles similar to those in the primary space, along with glass tiles, colorful artwork and fascinating close-up images of animals in their natural habitats. These photographs, which many of our patients comment upon, were taken by a close friend who is an accomplished photographer as well as a fine physiatrist, enhance the inclusive atmosphere, helping our patients to feel part of, and at peace with, the natural world.

All of our staff members are warm and responsive to the needs of our patients, wearing soothing black scrubs with our logo to demonstrate our uniform professionalism. We always have patient comfort in mind, so our examination tables, made of leather and natural woods, are well-cushioned and designed for both examination and treatment purposes. Reclining on these tables, our patients can receive the full benefits of acupuncture or medical massage.

We are proud of our Great Neck office, not as a showplace, but as a receptive medical setting in which healing begins as soon as patients enter.