If you’re a Long Islander, chances are you’re an active person. The majority of Long Island residents work hard, play hard, and keep busy with athletic and social activities, hobbies and crafts, exercising to keep fit, and taking care of children, pets, or infirm elderly relatives. With New York City easily accessible, Long Islanders journey to plays, museums, and restaurants. For Long Islanders dealing with stiff joints or musculoskeletal pain, our Long Island Rehabilitation Clinic is here to help.

Why Long Island Rehabilitation Clinics Are Magnets for Long Islanders in Pain

While keeping busy is good for body and mind, your body may protest if you take a bad fall while exercising, playing a game of soccer, or chasing a toddler through the park. Similarly, strains and sprains, pinched nerves, stiff necks, and herniated discs can occur when you lift something too heavy, work for too many hours at the computer, clean out the attic or simply turn awkwardly while knitting. This is why our Long Island Rehabilitation Clinic attracts Long Islanders suffering pain, stiffness, and immobility. 

5 Long Island Rehabilitation Clinics Serve Nassau and Suffolk

Fortunately, if you suffer a painful episode, there are five Long Island Rehabilitation Clinics right here on Long Island. Long Island Spine Rehabilitation Medicine has well-appointed healing centers in East Meadow, Great Neck, and Lawrence in Nassau County, and in Huntington, and Lindenhurst in Suffolk County.

What Long Island Rehabilitation Clinics Provide

Each Long Island Rehabilitation Clinic is staffed with medical doctors well-trained to meet patient needs for a wide variety of spinal and musculoskeletal conditions. We are holistically oriented and only deal with nonsurgical options. Also, because we are well aware that proper treatment requires accurate diagnosis, we are well-known for our excellent diagnostic capabilities. 

What Distinguishes Long Island Rehabilitation Clinics

While Long Island houses an enormous number of healthcare facilities, Long Island Rehabilitation is unique in a number of noticeable ways:

  • Our doctors are physiatrists who focus on pain relief and restoration of function.  
  • Physiatrists are not surgeons; we think of invasive procedures only as a last resort
  • Though we rely on sophisticated scans for diagnosis, our emphasis is on pragmatic methods of reducing pain and improving day-to-day function 
  • We are not only willing, but eager, to collaborate with other professionals, such as physical therapists, to bring our patients maximum relief
  • We use both traditional and complementary medical techniques, such as acupuncture and herbal remedies, to get our patients up and running as quickly as possible
  • We use therapeutic methods customized to meet your particular needs and we will always take your concerns and preferences into account
  • In many, even most, cases, we will recommend a combination of therapies to provide the most dynamic results

The most distinctive aspect of our patient-doctor relationships is that our physicians are not aloof or arrogant. Rather, we pride ourselves on being accessible and transparent about what we are doing as well as about what we are trying to accomplish. At Long Island Rehabilitation Clinics, we are not interested in showing off our credentials or skill sets, but in healing our patients.

Conditions We Treat

It is impossible to list all the conditions we treat at Long Island Rehabilitation Clinics, but here is a sampling. Each of the following musculoskeletal problems can result in disabling pain and prevent you from working, engaging in your normal activities, and enjoying your life:

Whether your problem is rooted in a congenital malformation, aging, a degenerative disease, or a traumatic injury, our capable professionals are committed to helping you get well. Of course, there are times that surgery is unavoidable, and we know when to refer you to one of our talented surgical colleagues. 

Nonetheless, in many situations, even if you consult with us when surgery has been already recommended, it is possible that we will be able to provide you with substantial relief without a surgical procedure.

We Offer Minimally Invasive, Pain-Free Treatments that Require No Down Time

In order to minimize costs and maximize convenience, our Long Island Rehabilitation Clinics provide onsite treatments that are proven safe and effective. Once we have taken your medical history, performed a physical examination, and employed any diagnostic testing we deem necessary, we will recommend appropriate treatment options.

Because we know that you have questions, concerns, and preferences, we will discuss all options with you and pay close attention to your input before deciding on administering one or more of the following:

Each of these treatments has a proven record of diminishing or eliminating pain and/or accelerating healing. 

Contact Our Long Island Rehabilitation Clinic for Prompt, Effective Relief

If you have been suffering intractable pain and would like to avoid a surgical procedure, get in touch with our knowledgeable, compassionate physiatrists as soon as possible. We would like nothing better than to bring you the renewed comfort, energy, strength, and range of motion you crave. Call Long Island Spine Rehabilitation Medicine today to restore the quality of life you deserve.