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If you are plagued by acute or chronic back, joint, or other musculoskeletal pain, Long Island Spine Rehabilitation Medicine is the place to come to find relief. Our outstanding spine specialists and physicians make pain relief our primary focus. With five convenient Long Island offices located in East Meadow, Great Neck, Lawrence in Nassau, Huntington, and Lindenhurst in Suffolk, getting help for your back pain is easier than ever.

We now offer same day spine appointments in Long Island through our new 1-888-SPINE-1-1 telephone number. You can learn more about our same day appointments by visiting https://www.lispinemed.com/spine11/.

Having dealt with patients in pain for the past 25 years, we know that physical pain interferes with every aspect of functioning, leading to extreme fatigue, emotional distress, unclear thinking and poor quality of life. Therefore, we are dedicated to relieving suffering.

Many of our patients say that our unique approach to medicine is palpable as soon as they come for their initial consultation. Beyond having welcoming, comfortable offices, we treat every patient as a whole person. Each of our doctors is a physiatrist, a doctor who focuses on physical medicine, rehabilitation, and pain management. Each has a well-earned reputation not only for remarkable medical skill and innovative treatments, but for warmth and compassion.

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Conditions We Treat
at Long Island Spine

The physicians at Long Island Spine treat numerous musculoskeletal problems. Many of these conditions are among the most common causes of pain severe enough to prevent patients from working and going about their normal routines, let alone enjoying their lives, such as:

Back and neck pain
Shoulder Pain
Hip Pain
Knee Pain
Sports Injuries and Muscle Strains
Acute Concussions

Any of the above may be caused by a condition present from birth, osteoarthritis, a muscle strain or other injury, or one of several disease conditions. Once our doctors diagnose the underlying cause of your pain, we will address it in the most effective, efficient way possible.

If we make a diagnosis of one of the following specific causes of your ongoing pain, we are prepared to treat it successfully utilizing non-surgical treatment modalities, in some cases even if surgery has been recommended:

  • Disc herniation - protrusion of the tissue that acts as a cushion between vertebrae
  • Sciatica - nerve pain in the lower back, extending to the hip, buttocks, and leg)
  • Spinal stenosis - narrowing of the spinal canal that puts pressure on the spinal cord or nerve roots.

What’s Different About Physiatrists?

Our doctors are Physiatrists, physicians specializing in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. A number of characteristics differentiate physiatrists from other doctors, including the following:

  • Physiatrists are not surgeons; they think of surgical procedures only as a last resort
  • Physiatrists treat patients of all ages
  • Physiatrists take a pragmatic view, focusing on improving function rather than perfecting imaging scans
  • Physiatrists are eager to work in collaboration with other professionals, such as physical and/or occupational therapists, to get the job done
  • Physiatrists work holistically, taking into account all aspects of your well-being

Our doctors all have excellent credentials. In addition to receiving superior training, our physicians have been recognized by their peers in such listings as Castle Connolly’s Top Doctors, Newsday’s Top Doctors on Long Island, and New York Super Doctors. These esteemed honors place them in the top tier of doctors in New York State as well as in the greater New York metropolitan area.

Meet Our Experienced Specialists

Headshot of Long Island physiatrist Jason Lipetz
Jason S. Lipetz, MD
Prior to founding Long Island Spine Rehabilitation Medicine, Dr. Lipetz served as the Director of the Center for Spine Rehabilitation for the North...
Headshot of Long Island physiatrist Jeffry Beer
Jeffry R. Beer, MD
Prior to joining Long Island Spine Rehabilitation Medicine, Dr. Beer was an attending physician at the renowned Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation in West...
Long Island physiatrist Miranda B Smith
Miranda B. Smith, MD
After her residency training in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the prestigious Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation, Dr. Smith completed her Interventional Spine and...
Headshot of Long Island physiatrist Thomas Lione
Thomas P. Lione, DO
Dr. Lione returned to Long Island after completing his fellowship training in Interventional Pain Medicine at Virginia Commonwealth University Health System in Richmond,...
Long Island physiatrist Perry Zelinger
Perry Zelinger, MD
Dr. Zelinger was born and raised on the south shore of Long Island. After graduating magna cum laude from SUNY Binghamton, he completed...
Long Island physiatrist Areeb Chator
Areeb Chator, MD
Dr. Chator graduated with a Bachelor of Science, and with honors, in molecular and cellular biology from Johns Hopkins University. After this, he...
Headshot of Long Island acupuncturist Mei Wang
Mei Wang, DAc, LAc, MPH.
Mei Wang, DAc, LAc, MPH., a native of China, received her Medical Degree from Tianjin Medical University in 1992. Her training also includes...
Headshot of Long Island acupuncturist Sharona Razinia
Sharona Razinia, L.Ac.
Sharona Razinia, L.Ac., believes in treating the body as a “whole”.  Sharona is a licensed acupuncturist in the state of New York.  She...
Headshot of Long Island radiology tech Donald Smith
Donald Smith, RT
Acupuncturist Esther Piao
Lijing (Esther) Piao, MS, LAc
Lijing(Esther) Piao, MS,LAc, is a NY State Board Certified practitioner of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  She received her professional diploma from...
Headshot of Long Island nursing supervisor Barbara Shimonski
Barbara Shimonski, RN
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Our methods of treatment include the use of complementary and alternative therapies and can be performed comfortably and safely in an office setting. Once we have diagnosed your problem, we will treat it with therapies that are as effective as they are easy to administer. Our state-of-the-art treatments include:

  • Acupuncture to relieve pain by stimulating the central nervous system to release endorphins (natural opioids that act as analgesics) through the insertion of tiny needles
  • PRP therapy in which platelet-rich plasma is isolated from your own blood and then reinjected into your injured area to stimulate healing, decrease pain, and improve function.
  • PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) technology decreases pain by emitting electromagnetic waves at different frequencies to stimulate the body’s natural healing process.

Each of these treatment options has proven helpful in diminishing or eliminating pain and promoting healing. If you have been suffering from pain for too long, please visit Long Island Spine where relieving pain and restoring function is our highest priority.

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Like other patients who suffer chronic pain, you have no doubt consulted a variety of specialists in your search for relief, possibly including orthopedists, chiropractors, neurosurgeons and massage therapists. Depending on the origin of your pain, whether it results from injury, illness, a congenital defect, or an unknown source, you may also have visited psychiatrists, neurologists, or even hypnotherapists.

Do yourself the favor of getting an entirely new perspective from one of our talented physiatrists. It may be the life-changing experience you’ve been looking for.

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