Longer Recovery in Repeated Concussions in Children

A new study from Boston’s Children Hospital shows that  children ages 11-22 with a history of prior concussions, especially those with recent or multiple concussions, have prolonged symptoms after another concussion compared to those with a remote or no history of concussions.  On average, children without prior injury took 12 days to recover, while those with prior concussions took up to 28 days on average.  Meanwhile, children who experienced a second concussion within a 12 month time span took 35 days to recover.  More than half of concussion injuries were found to have occurred while playing sports.

In light of recent findings in adults and the potential chronic effects seen in retired professional athletes who have suffered multiple concussions, this study highlights the growing importance of both parents and coaches to allow for appropriate treatment in particular those who are at high risk for repeat injuries and also to allow adequate time for recovery.

There is often times a delicate balance between allowing for adequate time for recovery from an injury and return to sports, but safety should be paramount, especially in cases of concussions in children.