Dr. Lipetz Appointed to the Scientific Advisory Board of Biorestorative Therapies

Long Island Spine Rehabilitation Medicine is proud and excited to celebrate the recent appointment of Dr. Jason Lipetz to the Scientific Advisory Board of Biorestorative Therapies (BRTX). Already an accomplished Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation specialist with outstanding credentials, Dr. Lipetz will now be able to share his experience and clinical expertise with this distinguished board of professionals. He will be giving his invaluable input to phase two of an FDA-approved clinical trial examining the role of stem cell therapy in the treatment of spinal disc-related pain syndromes. We are certain that he will excel in his new role as he has excelled as a physician and mentor for so many years.

About BioRestorative Therapies, Inc.

BRTX is an innovative company that uses cell and tissue protocols, primarily involving adult stem cells, to investigate potential treatments for disc/spine disease. Such treatments are intended for patients who have severe back pain that is unresponsive to medication. BRTX is exploring nonsurgical methods to restore back health and mobility to those who have been suffering unremitting pain, sometimes for years.

About Dr. Lipetz

Dr. Lipetz is not only the founder of Long Island Spine Rehabilitation Medicine, a prominent spine and musculoskeletal care center specializing in the non-surgical treatment of the spine and orthopedic rehabilitation. He is also responsible for the development of nonsurgical spine care services for the Northwell Health System and has served as Chief of Spine Medicine for the Northwell Health Spine Center. Prior to that, he served as the Director of the Center for Spine Rehabilitation for the North Shore Long Island Jewish healthcare system from 1999-2006.
In addition, Dr. Lipetz has been Chair of the Education Committee of the Physiatric Association of Spine, Sports, and Occupational Rehabilitation (PASSOR). Most recently, Dr. Lipetz has served as a member of the research committee of the International Spine Intervention Society, and is an Assistant Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine at Hofstra University School of Medicine.

Dr. Lipetz is uniquely triple board certified in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Pain Management, and Electrodiagnostic Medicine. He has also authored more than 30 medical articles that have appeared in peer-reviewed journals, as well as several textbook chapters. Beyond this, he is known nationally through newspaper and television coverage.

We at Long Island Spine are not the only ones enthused about Dr. Lipetz’s recent appointment.
Mark Weinreb, Chief Executive Officer of BioRestorative Therapies, has stated, “We are pleased to welcome Dr. Lipetz to our Scientific Advisory Board, as he brings a wealth of medical knowledge, relationships, and expertise that will be invaluable as we advance our spine program through clinical trials.”