Long Island Spine Rehabilitation Medicine – COVID-19 Update

It has long been our practice, even before the current COVID-19 situation, to follow all CDC/OSHA guidelines and maximize cleanliness beyond what is considered standard:

  1. Between each patient visit, all surfaces in the exam room are cleaned with an alcohol based disinfectant and table paper is then changed above that cleaned surface.
  2. Patients are typically brought into exam rooms without delay, as we have an excellent record of minimizing wait times.
  3. Our waiting areas are generally not large or crowded, allowing for appropriate social distancing.
  4. Hand sanitizers are available in all areas for regular patient and staff use.
  5. As a practice, our patients are generally presenting for spine and joint pain and in general are not in the office with respiratory or other active medical disorders.
  6. We do request, particularly at this time, that those with cold or flu-like symptoms kindly postpone their appointments, and the same precautions are being upheld by the entirety of our staff.

At Long Island Spine Rehabilitation Medicine we are maintaining all of our hours at all locations at this time to provide care to our many patients in need.  At the same time, we ask each of our patients, and particularly the more vulnerable, to please take appropriate precautions during this unique and challenging time.

We will get through this! And, when you protect yourself you are also protecting others and helping society in general significantly dampen the impact of this virus. For those patients of ours who might read this and who might feel more frightened or alone and need someone to speak with, please call upon your physician at our practice. As always, we are here for you.

Jason S. Lipetz, MD