Because at  Long Island Spine Rehabilitation Medicine relieving pain is one of our primary focuses, we have long been interested in the power of acupuncture to relieve spine and musculoskeletal pain

How does acupuncture work?

Acupuncture, practiced in China and other parts of Asia for thousands of years, is based on the principle that when Qi, the central energy source that courses through the body, is disrupted, pain results. By placing hair-thin acupuncture needles along charted meridians of the body, the flow of Qi is unblocked and the pain is relieved.

It has taken a long time, but Western medicine has now come to accept the remarkably positive effects of acupuncture, attributing its successful pain relief to the following facts:

  • Acupuncture stimulates the central nervous system, triggering the release of endorphins
  • Acupuncture speeds the relay of electromagnetic signals, releasing immune system cells
  • Acupuncture triggers the release of natural opioids that act as analgesics
  • Acupuncture changes brain chemistry by releasing neurotransmitters

Far from being the sham or placebo it was once suspected of being, acupuncture has now been proven to provide real relief from many types of pain.

Acceptance of Acupuncture for Pain Relief by Well-Respected Organizations

The relatively recent use of acupuncture to relieve pain has now been studied and accepted by many American and international organizations, including:

  • American Pain Society
  • American College of Physicians 
  • United States National Institutes of Health (NIH)
  • World Health Organization (WHO)

Our Physicians Use Acupuncture to Relieve Spine and Musculoskeletal Pain

At Long Island Spine Rehabilitation Medicine, our well-credentialed physiatrists have in-depth knowledge of, and extensive experience with, acupuncture. We recommend it for the relief of many kinds of pain. If you are dealing with spinal or other musculoskeletal pain, contact us for more information and make an appointment with one of our highly skilled professionals.