You cannot find a better physician than her.

To begin it is obvious that Dr. Mirinda Smith’s medical knowledge is extensive but that is not what makes her standout. When dealing with spine issues it is of critical importance to be comfortable and that is exactly what Dr. Smith accomplishes with her bedside manner. She takes the time to explain your situation in a way that makes you so comfortable. She does not rush you out she takes her time with you to make sure you have a complete understanding of the situation you are in and all the options that are available and at your disposal. Also even with the doctors hectic schedule she will always return your call or message and help you organize any further tests that might be needed. It is unfortunate to have a spine condition but it is FORTUANTE to have Dr. Smith guiding you though this process. You cannot find a better physician than her. Also her staff is amazing. I cannot recommend her and her abilities enough. Out of 10 Dr. Smith and her service are a 12!!!