Information on Meningitis Outbreak

Important Information for Our Patients Regarding Recent Reports of Meningitis Associated with Spinal Injection Procedures

As we are all now unfortunately aware, cases of meningitis and death in several states have arisen from the use of vials of a particular type of steroid known as methylprednisolone, which have been found to have been contaminated with fungus. These vials of medications were distributed from New England Compounding Center, a compounding pharmacy in Massachusetts.

It is very important that our patients are aware that our physicians at Long Island Spine Rehabilitation Medicine do not use any medications from New England Compounding Center or methylprednisolone for any of our spinal or joint injections.  We have also has never purchased medications or any other supplies from New England Compounding Center.  In addition, despite potential considerable savings on medications, we have never chosen to utilize any compound pharmacy center for any of our medications. We have always purchased all of our medications from the pharmaceutical company which manufactures each agent.

In addition, during every injection performed in our practice, we strive to follow every procedural protocol recommended to maximize patient safety, our primary concern.

For additional information, please visit the Center for Disease Control website here.

Thank you,

The Physicians and Staff of Long Island Spine Rehabilitation Medicine