Long Island Spine Rehabilitation Medicine Leads the Way:

Students Learn by Following the Footsteps of Professionals

Ona with Dr. Beer, Dr Lee and Dr. LipetzNo matter what you are studying, books and personal research can only take you so far. There is much to be learned by observation of those who have are already adept at the tasks you seek to master. For this reason, Long Island Spine Rehabilitation Medicine, an accomplished practice of Spine and Musculoskeletal Medicine with offices in Nassau and Suffolk Counties participated this summer in an innovative educational program.

The program involved bringing in a few pre-med students to shadow the doctors, giving them the chance to observe up close the actual procedures involved in treating individual patients. By following real doctors in real time, the students were able to become familiar with personal interactions between doctors and their patients, as well as to observe hands-on examinations and treatments. They also assisted the doctors in associated tasks, serving as interns. The excitement the students felt in observing and having the ability to ask questions was palpable. For the center’s doctors, the experience was fulfilling as well.

Why Long Island Spine Rehabilitation Medicine Was a Perfect Choice

There are many reasons that this medical center was a good pick for this program. For one thing, all the physicians at thisfacility are fellowship-trained, with a well-earned reputation for compassion Chris with Dr. Lipetz sitting together at the computer looking at an x-rayas well as technical experience. For another, Long Island Spine offers a wide variety of nonsurgical services, both traditional and complementary, enabling the participating students to learn about multiple treatment options and the benefits of each. They were able to observe patients with conditions ranging from sciatica to stenosis, disk herniation to spine fractures. The list of therapies offered at L.I. Spine is long, including:

    • Musculoskeletal ultrasound
    • PRP therapy
    • Epidural steroid injections
    • Facet and joint injections
    • Radiofrequency ablation
    • Trigger point injections
    • SI joint injections
    • Acupuncture
    • Yoga
    • PEMF therapy
  • Medical massage

Chris (left) Jordan (Right)For the university and high school students, this broad range of treatments opened their eyes to the broad range of options open to patients suffering with chronic back pain. Three eager students, two from the University of Michigan, Oana Danciu (pictured here with Dr. Lipetz Dr. Beer, and Dr. Lee) and Jordan Safran (pictured wearing Royal Blue, and one from Chaminade, aprestigious private high school in Mineola, Chris Carillo (pictured wearing Light Blue Shirt and also reviewing film with Dr. Lipetz) expressed enthusiasm about their experience this summer.

As Jordan,  commented:

“… I am a rising junior at the University of Michigan studying Biology, Health, and Society. Myexperience as an intern this summer at Long Island Spine Rehabilitation Jordan with Dr. Smith, Dr. Beer and Dr. LipetzMedicine has been a great introduction to the field of spine medicine, the workings of a busy medical practice, and the art of doctor-patient interaction. I have learned about an evidence-based approach to treating a patient with spine-related pain that combines radiographic findings and patient examination to determine the appropriate differential diagnosis and treatment for pain symptoms. Along with observing examinations and procedures, I have also enjoyed gaining patient interaction as a “runner” by assisting patients to their appointments and preparing the rooms. Working with the physical therapy team also allowed me to incorporate my own hobby of origami into their hand rehabilitation program.Overall,I’m grateful to have received this opportunity and hope to use the practical and personal skills I’ve gained through the experience.”