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How a Holistic Approach Helps Healing

Recent studies have confirmed what ancient and indigenous people always believed — that healing is aided by the positive mindset of both doctors and patients. This is particularly true when dealing with pain. At Long Island Spine Rehabilitation Medicine, we are keenly aware of this interaction and make good use of it in bringing relief to our patients. 

As physiatrists, doctors who focus on pain management and restoration of function, we have had years of holistic medical training. We pay attention not only to your physical symptoms but to your overall well-being. From the time we meet you and listen carefully to the symptoms that bring you to our office, through accurate diagnosis, discussion of options, and productive treatment, we consider you as a whole person, deserving of our empathy as well as our skill. 

The Mind-Body Connection in Pain Relief

A 2018 study at Stanford University proved that reassurance by a doctor speeds patient healing — something many of us have already intuited or experienced. According to the study, just a few words of encouragement from the treating physician can mitigate symptoms and shorten recovery time. 

This is not due to magic or hypnotic suggestion. It is the result of the way the body functions. The truth is that the term “mind-body connection” is redundant since the brain is a major part of the body and the mind affects and is affected by, physiological processes.

Holistic Medicine Is Open to Alternative Therapies 

A holistic medical approach broadens the range of available treatment options. Our doctors offer complimentary as well as traditional therapies, often in combination, to treat back and other musculoskeletal pain, including:

  • Braces and other assistive devices
  • Acupuncture
  • Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to promote healing
  • Physical therapy, including electrical stimulation, to restore strength and range of motion
  • Steroid injections to relieve pain and inflammation directly at the source
  • PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) therapy which, in addition to treating pain and inflammation, increases blood flow to cells 

We holistic doctors are a pragmatic bunch; we are open to various types of therapeutic methods that work to relieve pain and restore mobility without problematic side effects. We have extensive experience with all of the treatment options we offer and a strong sense of which of these methods are most likely to help in your particular case.

The Stress Cycle

Stress, whether from an injury or a chronic condition, can worsen existing pain by causing muscles to tense and levels of cortisol to rise. This results in pain and inflammation. It is important to also remember that pain itself is a stressor. 

This means that being stressed, in and of itself, can cause inflammation, resulting in pain, commonly in the neck or back. Once it begins, the unfortunate cycle of pain-stress-pain or stress-pain-stress can seem endless. Nonetheless, a holistic approach, in which both physical and emotional factors are addressed, can interrupt the cycle, bringing welcome relief. 

Contact Our Experienced Holistic Doctors for Successful Results

Interestingly, a study reported a few years ago by The National Institutes of Health (NIH) 

in the North American Journal of Medical Science, found that the vast majority of a sampled population rated empathy and compassion as the traits they most valued in their doctors. 

At Long Island Spine Rehabilitation Medicine, you need not choose between professionalism and personalized care. Our doctors make empathy and compassion, along with astute diagnostics and excellent treatment methods, priorities. We will always treat you as a human being, not a conglomerate of symptoms. Contact our office today.