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The Surprising Benefits of PEMF Therapy

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) is a treatment already being successfully used in many medical practices, including by the doctors of Long Island Spine Rehabilitation Medicine. Beyond its many current uses, PEMF has been found to have promise in a remarkable assortment of other disorders, including mental health, cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, autism, and diabetes.

What Is PEMF and How Does It Work?

First, it’s essential to understand that electromagnetic energy is a natural power source in the human body. Electromagnetic energy powers our brains, hearts, muscles, and even skin cells. When we use PEMF in medicine, we transmit pulsed energy through the skin to the muscles and bones, triggering individual cells to begin repairing themselves. This makes pulsed electromagnetic field therapy an invaluable tool when it comes to setting the healing process in motion.

The Surprising and Serious Work PEMF Does to Activate and Accelerate Healing

We are all impressed by electromagnetic power as it moves through space, but its journey through the human body is equally amazing. Pulsed electromagnetic energy helps the body to heal itself by providing:

1. Pain Relief

PEMF therapy has been shown to relieve both acute and chronic pain without the potentially toxic side effects of opioids or the possible complications of surgery. The National Institutes of Health reports a study showing a definite reduction in pain in patients with osteoarthritis after they were treated with PEMF and the Journal of Pain Research showed that PEMF therapy effectively reduced pain and improved the quality of life in patients with fibromyalgia.

2. Improved Blood Circulation

PEMF causes increased blood flow to the site of an injury by dilating the blood vessels that deliver oxygen to the damaged tissues. This increase in blood flow promotes wound healing and reduces inflammation. PEMF therapy also stimulates the production of nitric oxide, a vasodilator that improves blood flow. Increased blood circulation is critical in bringing oxygen and nutrients to the cells fighting to repair themselves.

3. Reduced Inflammation and Swelling

Inflammation occurs when tissue is damaged, obstructing blood flow and causing swelling. PEMF reduces inflammation by improving blood flow in the area. Research confirms that PEMF reduces inflammation and swelling in cases of osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia as well as in postoperative patients and those with pelvic pain syndrome.

4. Relief of Muscle Spasms

Muscle spasms can be extremely painful whichever muscles they affect. Fortunately, PEMF also offers a remedy for this intrusive problem, having been shown to improve cellular charges and calcium flow to relieve muscle spasms. Two medical journal studies have reported that PEMF therapy has reduced muscle spasms in both patients with fibromyalgia and those with chronic back pain. 

5. Accelerated Union of Bone Fractures

In the same way that pulsed electromagnetic field therapy promotes the healing process for muscles and joints, it helps bones repair fractures by stimulating cell growth and regeneration. One of the astonishing aspects of PEMF treatment is that it manages to heal damaged tissues while leaving normal cells undisturbed. Also, PEMF increases the body’s production of adenosine triphosphate, which greatly aids in muscle contraction, blood flow, and locomotion.

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