Revitalizing Joint Health: Unveiling the Potential of Prolotherapy

Long Island Spine Rehabilitation Medicine is pleased to have added prolotherapy to the array of therapeutic options we offer our patients. Our physiatrists have spent years providing nonsurgical pain relief and restoration of function to individuals who come to us suffering from spinal and other musculoskeletal ailments. Because we take a holistic approach to medical treatments, we are always open to new methods and ideas that show promise in the path to healing. 

Prolotherapy aligns perfectly with the other traditional and complementary nonsurgical therapies we use. Since we have found that integrating several methods of pain relief enhances efficacy, we welcome prolotherapy as another effective string to our bow. 

What Is Prolotherapy?

Prolotherapy, also known as proliferative therapy, is an injection treatment used to help people with musculoskeletal conditions heal. It involves the injection of a natural irritant into the soft tissue of an injured joint. This irritant, typically dextrose, is believed to stimulate the body’s healing response, leading to the regeneration of damaged tissues. As a result, prolotherapy can significantly improve joint function and reduce pain without the need for invasive surgical intervention. It’s important for patients to understand that prolotherapy, being a specialized treatment, is not commonly covered by insurance and may represent an out-of-pocket cost.

How Is Prolotherapy Administered?

Prolotherapy injections are done with ultrasound guidance to ensure the appropriate structures are targeted. Typically, a treatment plan can be a single session or multiple sessions depending on the pathology and response to treatment.  Due to the proliferative repair mechanism of action of prolotherapy, it is recommended that you avoid NSAIDs for 1 week prior to the injection and for 1 week following your injection. Other medications such as blood thinners and Tylenol can be continued. The most common side effects of prolotherapy include injection site soreness and pain. It may take a few weeks to start to feel the benefits of prolotherapy. 

Conditions Prolotherapy Treats

Prolotherapy is effective in treating a wide range of conditions, especially those involving joint pain and ligament or tendon injuries. Conditions commonly treated with prolotherapy include:

By addressing the underlying causes of pain and facilitating the body’s natural healing processes, prolotherapy offers a valuable option for individuals suffering from chronic musculoskeletal ailments and may work where other therapies have failed.

Benefits of Prolotherapy

The benefits of prolotherapy extend beyond pain reduction. These benefits include minimal downtime, making it an ideal choice for individuals seeking effective pain management that does not involve significantly interfering with their daily activities. Additionally, when prolotherapy is combined with other therapies we offer, such as pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy, platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP), acupuncture, corticosteroid injections, and individualized physical therapy, there is an undeniable synergistic benefit. 

By adding prolotherapy to the services we provide, Long Island Spine Rehabilitation Medicine is once again at the forefront of pain management treatment. This integrated approach not only enhances the healing process but also allows us to tailor our treatment plan to your specific needs and conditions, providing a personalized path to recovery.

Drawbacks to Prolotherapy

Few side effects related to prolotherapy have been reported, though it carries the same risks as other injections — minor pain at the injection site, occasional bleeding or numbness, nerve damage, lightheadedness, or allergic reaction. Prolotherapy is not suggested for acute injuries or flares of gout.

Prolotherapy is not covered by medical insurance at the moment, but if it provides you with the pain relief you need and deserve, it may well be worth the expense. Many high-quality medical treatments have been uncovered by insurance before establishing a track record of successful outcomes. The best way to determine whether prolotherapy is a good idea in your particular case is to make an appointment for a thorough evaluation with one of our physiatrists.

Contact Our Experienced Pain Management Specialists Today To Discuss Whether Prolotherapy Is Right for You

Although not yet recognized by the FDA, prolotherapy has much anecdotal evidence and many research studies to support its ability to aid in the healing process. Many of our patients have been grateful for this treatment. Why not contact our seasoned doctors to find out if prolotherapy is right for you?

You will find us committed to improving your health and quality of life and to collaborating with you to design a therapeutic program that meets your specific needs and preferences.