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The Long Island Spine Rehabilitation Medicine explains why goat yoga is a good option for back pain.

Goat Yoga for Back Pain?

Is there really a benefit in using goat yoga for back pain? Upward goat on a downward dog? Yes, goat yoga is a real thing, and, while it is not …

  • Posted on: Aug 9 2019
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Long Island Spine Rehabilitation Medicine explains the symptoms of tennis elbow.

Symptoms of Tennis Elbow

What are the most common symptoms of tennis elbow and can you experience the same injury without playing tennis? The most common diagnosis received by patients complaining about pain in …

  • Posted on: Aug 6 2019
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Do You Have Popeye’s Elbow?

What causes bursitis to develop in the elbow? Bursitis, the condition that affects joints throughout the body, is most often found in the joints that get the most demand placed …

  • Posted on: Jun 12 2019
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What Is a Pinched Nerve?

Is “pinched nerve” a real type of spinal condition and how does it happen? As anyone unfortunate enough to have experienced the accompanying pain will tell you, nerves do, indeed, …

  • Posted on: Dec 27 2018
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Are MRI Scans Safe?

Should I worry about having too many MRIs? We live in a world where it has become commonplace to casually talk about things that would have been laughed off as …

  • Posted on: Dec 14 2018
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What Is Degenerative Disc Disease?

What causes degenerative disc disease? Congratulations! You have degenerative disc disease! This may not be a pronouncement that makes you feel like throwing yourself a party, but it does mean …

  • Posted on: Nov 27 2018
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Spinal Stenosis and Bladder Issues

Can back conditions like stenosis cause problems like incontinence and urinary urgency? Absent some sort of trauma, when someone starts developing back pain or numbness or tingling sensations in their …

  • Posted on: Nov 6 2018
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Increasing Popularity of Yoga

Is yoga for back pain covered by insurance or Medicare? Whether or not you personally practice yoga, there is a very good chance that you know someone who does. There …

  • Posted on: Oct 17 2018
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Please join us in welcoming Thomas P. Lione, DO

We are pleased to announce that Thomas P. Lione, DO has joined the team at Long Island Spine Rehabilitation Medicine. Dr. Lione comes to us with outstanding credentials, expertise in …

  • Posted on: Aug 14 2018
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What Is Complementary Medicine?

What is the difference between complementary medicine and alternative medicine? Healthcare choices can be overwhelming, to put it mildly. This is so for a variety of reasons. The type and …

  • Posted on: May 20 2018
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Hip Bursitis

Could the pain in my hip be caused by bursitis? Bursitis is diagnosed when the body’s bursae become inflamed. Bursae are fluid-filled sacs located throughout the body. They act to …

  • Posted on: May 15 2018
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Sciatica and Obesity

Does weight gain have anything to do with sciatica and will losing weight make it go away? There was a time, long ago, when being overweight was actually a good …

  • Posted on: Mar 26 2018
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How to Maintain Proper Posture

What can I do to improve my posture? Whether we make the effort to maintain good posture or not, we do know that it is important. It does not take …

  • Posted on: Oct 16 2017
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Perils of Poor Posture

What are some of the dangers of not maintaining good posture? Posture is all about how we hold our bodies. We usually don’t give it much thought: it simply becomes …

  • Posted on: Oct 1 2017
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Massage Is Not Just for Relaxing Anymore

Is there really such a thing as medical massage or is it just a temporary “make you feel good” technique? Who doesn’t love a massage? Typically, it is an entire …

  • Posted on: Jul 22 2017
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Sciatica Pain Relief You Can Do at Home

Is there anything I can do at home to get relief for sciatica pain? Unless you have experienced the kind of pain that is always there and never seems to …

  • Posted on: Jul 4 2017
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What Are the 7 Most Common Sports Injuries?

What are the sports injuries that we should be concerned about the most? Let’s face it, life has gotten really hectic. Our work week seems to stretch farther and farther …

  • Posted on: May 12 2017
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Piriformis Syndrome

How does a diagnosis of piriformis syndrome differ from sciatica? If we are lucky, we are familiar with sciatica because we have heard friends or family members complain about the …

  • Posted on: May 8 2017
  • By:

Sciatica: Causes and Treatments

What treatments are available for sciatica pain? Have you ever had someone tell you that your pain is all in your head? That what you are describing isn’t real? Annoying, …

  • Posted on: Apr 11 2017
  • By:

Trigger Point Injection

What are the benefits of trigger point injections? Everybody has trigger points, but you may not realize just what they are or what role they play. The body is held …

  • Posted on: Apr 7 2017
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When Back Surgery Doesn’t Help

Are most patients satisfied with the results of their back surgeries? It is estimated that nearly 60 million Americans experience chronic back pain. It is also estimated that, out of the …

  • Posted on: Oct 31 2016
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Announcing Our New Office in Huntington

We’re excited to announce that our Syosset office has now moved to Huntington.  We are now taking appointments for the office.  You can also see us at our other locations …

  • Posted on: Apr 20 2016
  • By:

We Are Now Pleased To Offer Therapeutic Yoga!

As our complementary medicine program continues to evolve, we are pleased to offer yoga as an additional rehabilitative tool for our patients. Please read more about this exciting opportunity and …

  • Posted on: Apr 15 2016
  • By:

Our Syosset Office Is Moving!

We would like to thank everyone for coming to see us over the years in Syosset.  We will be moving our office to a different location after February 1st.  In the meantime, you …

  • Posted on: Jan 19 2016
  • By:

Dr. Lee Named 2016 New York Super Doctor

We would like to congratulate Dr. Joseph Lee on being selected again as a New York Super Doctor Rising Star for 2016 by his peers.  He can be found in the May 2016 Sunday …

  • Posted on: Jan 18 2016
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Dr. Lee Named 2015 New York SuperDoctor

Long Island Spine Rehabilitation Medicine would like to congratulate Dr. Joseph Lee on being selected again as a New York Super Doctor Rising Star for 2015 through a rigorous selection process. …

  • Posted on: Apr 7 2015
  • By:

Hazards of Sitting

How much stress on the body does sitting cause?  More than people may think.  An article from the Washington Post illustrates how much of an impact it can cause on …

  • Posted on: Feb 10 2015
  • By:

PRP Shows Benefit for Hamstring Injuries

Hamstring injuries some of the most common injuries in athletes.  Despite aggressive conservative treatments, it can take a few months to be able to return to play and several months to fully recover. …

  • Posted on: Oct 12 2014
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